Why We Are Staying In Bradenton Florida After 1 Year Of Living Here

In the video, titled “Why We Are Staying In Bradenton Florida After 1 Year Of Living Here” by SOUTHERN LIFE, the speaker discusses their decision to stay in Bradenton, Florida after living there for a year. They mention that they have previously lived in Alabama and Naples, Florida, but Bradenton has been a good place to live and hasn’t been as unpleasant as their past experiences. The speaker highlights various reasons, such as their partner becoming a realtor in Bradenton, their financial stability, positive interactions with the homeless community, and the advantageous location for traveling and exploring other cities in Florida. Despite some minor inconveniences, the speaker has not experienced any major issues in Bradenton and is overall satisfied with their decision to stay.

The speaker reflects on their past experiences in Naples, Alabama, and Fort Myers, acknowledging what they miss and what they would miss if they were to leave Bradenton. They express uncertainty about the future but ask the audience for their thoughts on whether they should stay or continue their journey elsewhere. The speaker appreciates the convenience, quality of life, and economic success they have found in Bradenton, considering it a good sign that they chose to renew their lease for another year.

Reasons for Staying in Bradenton

Good Place to Live

After experiencing Fort Myers and Alabama, Bradenton has proven to be a good place to live. Comparatively, it has not sucked as much as our previous locations. Although I miss my hometown of Naples, I have come to the realization that it may not be the right place for us due to issues like police profiling and a lack of accomplishment. Bradenton, on the other hand, has been a more positive experience, making it a desirable place to stay.

Comparison with Previous Locations

In comparing Bradenton to Fort Myers and Alabama, Bradenton has definitely been a better place to live. Both Fort Myers and Alabama had their fair share of challenges and unpleasant experiences. Fort Myers, especially after Hurricane Ian hit, was full of scary and life-altering moments. Alabama, too, had its fair share of difficulties that made it an undesirable place to live. In contrast, Bradenton has provided us with a more positive and enjoyable living experience.

Partner’s Profession

One of the main reasons we are staying in Bradenton is due to my partner’s recent career change as a realtor. This new career path requires stability and anchoring in one place. Moving every year as we have been doing would not be conducive to her success as a realtor. Therefore, we have made the decision to stay in Bradenton to support her new career and create a stable foundation for our future.

Financial Situation

Another factor in our decision to stay in Bradenton is our improved financial situation. This past year, we have made more money than ever before, with a significant increase in income. This financial stability plays a role in our decision to stay, as it provides a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle. If things are economically going well and we are living a good life, it makes sense to stick with what is working.

Positive Experiences

Throughout the year that we have been in Bradenton, we have not had any bad experiences or negative memories. This has contributed to our decision to stay, as we have enjoyed our time here and have not encountered any reasons to leave. In fact, we have had multiple positive experiences, such as going to the beach multiple times a week. Overall, Bradenton has provided us with a positive and fulfilling lifestyle.

Advantageous Location

The location of Bradenton is another advantageous factor in our decision to stay. Being located in Bradenton allows us to easily travel and explore other cities in Florida. Additionally, Bradenton is less prone to direct hurricane hits compared to Naples and Fort Myers. This added safety factor is a significant consideration when choosing where to live. Bradenton offers a convenient and secure location for us.

Avoiding Negative Experiences

While we are close enough to Naples and Fort Myers to visit, we are also far enough away to avoid negative experiences from our past. Naples, in particular, holds memories of tragedy and a lack of accomplishment. By staying in Bradenton, we can distance ourselves from these negative experiences and focus on creating positive new memories.

Interactions with Homeless Community

Living in Bradenton has allowed us to have positive interactions with the homeless community. This has given us the opportunity to create documentaries and meet interesting people from the area. These experiences have provided us with a different perspective and appreciation for the diverse community in Bradenton. It has also allowed us to make a positive impact through our work as journalists on YouTube.

Positive Reception in Lakewood Ranch

Although there have been some negative receptions from certain individuals, particularly those from poorer areas, overall, the reception in Lakewood Ranch has been positive. Our hard work and accomplishments have been recognized and appreciated by many in the community. While there may be envy and judgment from some, we have found a supportive and welcoming community in Lakewood Ranch.

Comfort as a YouTuber

Being a YouTuber in Lakewood Ranch has been a comfortable and beneficial experience. The presence of other bigger YouTubers and famous people in the area allows us to be treated normally and accepted as part of the creative community. This level of comfort and acceptance enhances our experience as YouTubers and encourages us to continue our work in Bradenton.

Why We Are Staying In Bradenton Florida After 1 Year Of Living Here

Disappointments and Concerns

Disappointment in Settling Down

Despite the many positive aspects of staying in Bradenton, there is a sense of disappointment in the idea of settling down. I have always enjoyed experiencing new places and the excitement of exploring different cities. The thought of staying in one place for an extended period of time goes against my nature of constantly moving forward and seeking new adventures.

Concerns about Job Dangers

As a journalist, there are inherent dangers in my job that I am aware of. Living in Lakewood Ranch, I sometimes worry about these potential dangers. However, I am committed to living without fear or paranoia, and I believe that taking necessary precautions and being aware of my surroundings can help mitigate these concerns. While there are risks associated with my profession, they do not outweigh the benefits and positive experiences I have had in Bradenton.

Shocking Aspect of Addiction and Homelessness

One of the most shocking aspects of living in Bradenton is the prevalence of addiction and homelessness in the area. Witnessing the struggles of those affected by these issues has been eye-opening and has made me more aware of the challenges faced by the community. It reinforces the importance of our work as journalists in bringing awareness and understanding to these issues.

Value of Florida’s Quality of Life

Living in Florida, particularly in Lakewood Ranch, has made me appreciate the value of the state’s quality of life. Despite the higher cost of living in Lakewood Ranch, the convenience, amenities, and overall quality of life make it worth it. The ability to access fast internet, enjoy nearby Starbucks, and have access to shopping and restaurants adds to the convenience and enjoyment of living in Lakewood Ranch.

Preference for Renting

Personally, I have a preference for renting rather than owning a house. Renting allows me to focus more on my work and avoids the hassle and responsibility of homeownership. It provides flexibility and freedom to move when necessary without being tied down to a specific location. Renting aligns well with my lifestyle as a YouTuber and journalist, allowing me to prioritize my career and experiences over homeownership.

Why We Are Staying In Bradenton Florida After 1 Year Of Living Here

Convenience and Amenities in Lakewood Ranch

Access to Fast Internet

One of the conveniences of living in Lakewood Ranch is the access to fast internet. As a YouTuber, having reliable and fast internet is crucial for uploading videos and engaging with my audience. Lakewood Ranch provides the necessary infrastructure and resources for seamless online connectivity, which enhances my work as a content creator.

Nearby Starbucks

The presence of nearby Starbucks adds to the convenience and enjoyment of living in Lakewood Ranch. For those early mornings or afternoons when I need a caffeine boost or a comfortable place to work, having a Starbucks within close proximity is a definite advantage. It allows me to have a familiar and welcoming space to relax or be productive when needed.

Shopping and restaurants

Lakewood Ranch offers a variety of shopping and dining options, making it a convenient and enjoyable place to live. Whether I need groceries, household items, or want to try out a new restaurant, there are numerous options available within a short distance. This accessibility enhances the overall convenience and comfort of living in Lakewood Ranch.

Convenience of Location

In addition to the amenities mentioned, the convenience of Lakewood Ranch’s location is a significant factor in our decision to stay. Being situated in close proximity to major highways and other cities in Florida allows us to easily travel and explore different areas. Whether it’s a day trip to Orlando or a weekend getaway to Miami, the central location of Lakewood Ranch makes it an ideal hub for exploring all that Florida has to offer.

Why We Are Staying In Bradenton Florida After 1 Year Of Living Here

Reflections on Past and Future

Reflection on Past Experiences

Reflecting on my past experiences in Naples, Alabama, and Fort Myers, I can’t help but acknowledge what I miss and what I would miss if we were to leave Lakewood Ranch. Each place held its own unique challenges and memories. While I miss certain aspects, such as the familiarity and nostalgia of my hometown in Naples, I also recognize the negative experiences and limitations of those locations. It is important to evaluate both the positive and negative aspects of past experiences when making decisions about the future.

Uncertainty about Future

While we have made the decision to stay in Bradenton for another year, there is still uncertainty about our future. I am open to the possibility of living in Miami or California in the future, as these places offer different opportunities and experiences. However, for now, Bradenton is working for us and providing a stable and enjoyable lifestyle. We will continue to evaluate our options and make decisions based on what feels right for us at the time.

Why We Are Staying In Bradenton Florida After 1 Year Of Living Here


After living in Bradenton for a year, we have decided to stay for another year. The positive experiences, good place to live, comparison with previous locations, partner’s profession, financial situation, advantageous location, and other factors have all influenced our decision to remain in Bradenton. Despite some disappointments and concerns, the convenience and amenities in Lakewood Ranch outweigh any negative aspects. Reflecting on our past and contemplating the future, we recognize the value of our current situation while remaining open to new opportunities. Bradenton, for now, is a place that provides stability, comfort, and positive experiences, making it the right choice for us at this time.

Why We Are Staying In Bradenton Florida After 1 Year Of Living Here